The First App Ever!!!

Will post my wireframes, moodboard and stuff, wish myself luck (Good luck me:))!

Nah, I think I’ll stick

Turns out the idea encouragement app can be very interesting. Just gotta fix stuff;

1) Nobody would give comments for free.

2) Some may not want their ideas to be shown without incentive.


Had to think of something fast, so here is my next proposal;

A day planner that randomizes what you should do for the day:)

Still working on it.

Here they are


Gotta start remembering:P


So this was my first proposed idea; Seeds of Wisdom

An app that allows people to “post” their ideas and “grow” them based on people’s suggestions.

Unfortunately, Ms Esther remarked that there were other websites that pretty much function the same.

Furthermore, my idea is not really feasible due to many factors.

Eg: People don’t do stuff for free (my site is a free site)

      People will be afraid their ideas get stolen.

So I guess its pretty much shot down:(

Still though, I’ll still post the wireframes and the mood board here:) 

Hi again:)

So I have to think of the FIRST APP on Earth (or something)

Good Grief

Well, I was busy, so I forgot about this blog making, but I’ll put my stuff up now.